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Malotes nivel beber gazpacho en invierno.

When summer draws to a close, the consumption of gazpacho plummets. This cold drink is associated with good weather in the minds of consumers, but… who says that gazpacho can’t be enjoyed in the winter as well? This was the premise that inspired Gazpacho Rebels, a campaign focused on breaking the seasonality of the consumption of Alvalle gazpacho by inviting consumers to break with convention and drink it whenever they want—whatever the weather.

By leveraging the idea that drinking gazpacho in the winter is for rebels, we launched a series of pieces featuring a girl, our “rebel”, who commits a variety of little transgressions in her everyday life: pulling out a flash drive without ejecting it, mixing whites and colours in the wash, eating sushi with a fork…. This is how we established a humorous parallel between silly rebelliousness and the idea of drinking gazpacho in the winter, which, let’s face it, is a pretty minor act of rebellion.

With a duration of 15 seconds and without the need for sound, these pieces were perfectly suited to the digital medium, especially Instagram Stories and pre-rolls. This, combined with the use of insights that were easily identifiable for the audience, made the campaign an undeniable success and conveyed our message clearly while generating very positive interactions.

As hard core as drinking gazpacho in the winter.


Los buenos resultados de Gazpacho Rebels convirtieron la campaña en referente a nivel interno de la compañía. Tras más de 3.000.000 de usuarios únicos alcanzados, cientos de comentarios positivos y una campaña de influencers bajo el paraguas conceptual de Rebels, podemos quedar más que satisfechos con los resultados obtenidos.

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