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Estrella Damm

How can we fit together graphically two brands with as much personality as Sónar and Estrella Damm?

Every year, in the months leading up to the Sónar Festival, Estrella Damm launches a promotion in which they give away tickets for the festival’s opening gig to anyone who collects 30 labels from their bottles. Of course, 2016 was no exception. The challenge came when our client, Estrella Damm, asked us to design something new, fresh, powerful and closely linked to the image of th e festival to publicise the promotion on social media.


In 2016 they surprised everyone with a baroque-esque aesthetic, combined with Japanese touches and a futuristic style, and then they filled it with cats, drones and 8-bit music. How do you link a brand like Estrella to an image as groundbreaking as this?

Sónar Festival is known for having a renewed image every year, with a new theme for each edition.

Video 1
Video 2

We decided to bet big and produce a series of videos starring cats and drones, with a rather surreal script, but also a certain sense of explaining the promotion. For the visual style, we contacted a young Barcelona illustrator, Alexis Nolla, and asked him to work with simple lines and two colours (yellow and black, the colours of Sónar). Genís Rigol, who has extensive experience as an animator, was the one charged with giving it motion.


As this was a long-running campaign (active between late February and mid-June), our goal was to maintain our place at the forefront of users’ minds, and to impact our entire potential target, at least once, with one of these videos. Well, the figures were on our side. We achieved around 4 million total impressions that reached close to 1 million users, which means that we had a frequency of 4 impacts per user. As for the total number of views, we exceeded 650,000.

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