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Se Vende

Much more than just an advertisement, for much more than just a store

With their #TodoLoPocoQueNecesitas campaign, Decathlon wanted to show us all that a tent, good company and beautiful surroundings was all we needed.

At Zoom we wanted to take it one step further with an advertisement that would add value to the product, and our insight was crystal-clear: everyone dreams of owning a beautiful house with a garden, a swimming pool and a lovely view, however, with increasing house prices you probably think that’s out of your reach. But what if we told you that you could have all this and much more for just €29.90?

Everyone can create a campaign on Facebook, but not everyone knows how to do it strategically

For our strategic campaign we used a central piece that we produced with pre-existing archival footage, which meant that a specific shoot wasn’t required. We achieved a level of quality that made the video stand out as more than just a purely commercial spot.

Our targeting strategy was based on a custom audience, which allowed us to make the most of Decathlon’s Facebook database and achieve multiple impacts with anyone who was interested in watching the video for longer than three seconds.

Se Vende


By establishing very clear goals and producing a high-quality piece, we achieved an engagement rate of 19%, which is a very good metric considering the duration of the video. Moreover, the audience-segmented gallery who watched the video achieved a total figure of 8.07% for responding users, a great result.

It was easy: from the launch of the video on the 20th of June, until the 4th of August when the “Se vende” campaign concluded, we launched a total of seven posts and managed to increase the relevance of the content by easily attracting new leads for potential customers and like-minded people. A perfect demonstration of how to conduct a strategic campaign for a brand as renowned as Decathlon.

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