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If content is king and distribution the queen, with this campaign we had the opportunity to create the perfect marriage

As part of Decathlon’s summer 2016 #PlayEverywhere campaign we launched an action specifically aimed at promoting interaction on social media. At Zoom, as the brand’s digital agency for social media, we worked alongside &Rosás, the creator of the promotional pieces, to provide an optimised plan for the outreach strategy and media investment.

“El caso del verano” was the title given to this detective-style story. On an ordinary day at the beach, a group of children are playing football by the sea while a woman sunbathes nearby. A football is kicked with force and deflects, landing next to the woman and covering her towel with sand. Who is the culprit? The boy who kicked the ball, the goalkeeper for not catching it, the stone that made the boy lose his balance, the woman who came to the beach late and decided to settle near the children, or is it Decathlon and the tempting prices of the #PlayEverywhere products that let you play anywhere you want to? With this story and the accounts of each suspect, the users played the part of the jury through an online vote which was part of a campaign that ran for 15 days.

The pieces created for “El caso del verano” consisted of a minisite, promotional social media posts and the videos (a teaser introducing the case, a longer explanatory piece, 5 short capsules about each of the suspects, and the video of the final resolution). The campaign’s outreach strategy focused on Facebook and Instagram so the video pieces could benefit from the Custom Audience tools. This enabled the implementation of an optimised plan which guaranteed that relevant content was shared with the right users thanks to feedback on audience behaviour being available throughout the campaign.

The goal of the summer
The goal of the summer
The summer player

The pieces created for “The case of the summer” were a minisite, posts on social media to promote the action, and the videos: an introductory teaser for the case, a longer explanation piece, 5 short capsules on each of the suspects, and the final resolution video. The campaign’s outreach campaign ran on Facebook and Instagram so we could leverage the Custom Audience tools for the video pieces and deploy an optimised plan that guaranteed the dissemination of relevant content to the right users, thanks to the information we obtained on audience behaviour throughout the campaign.


Using Custom Audience on Facebook and Instagram allowed us to identify the audience who had watched at least 75% of each video. We then used this data to re-impact just these users with new pieces from the same campaign through a cross-platform strategy across Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, the increasing popularity of mobile video consumption inspired us to focus dissemination on this format.

By optimising all the pieces within the same campaign we managed to impact at a frequency of 6 during the 15 days of the action. To achieve this frequency with different pieces that were complementary to one another and also appealing to the users, we did not simply bombard them—instead we provided a story with continuity and an engaging experience. This is demonstrated by the overall result of the videos: over 8 million views, a VTR of 30% and 30 million impressions in the overall social media count. With a campaign that was completely optimised for video views, we also achieved good reach, which on Instagram meant a 20% coverage of the target audience.

Not only did we create an experience that was more engaging for the user by providing complementary content, the continuous optimisation of the campaign and the insight we obtained from Custom Audience allowed us to use the data responsibly and logically to boost results and optimise the investment. A win-win!

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