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La Vida Nuestra
Estrella Damm

At Zoom, we were missing something that would kick off the summer


Everyone knows that summer doesn’t start until the premiere of Estrella Damm’s short film, always the most hotly anticipated event of the year.

At Zoom we were more than aware of the need to create a social media strategy that would take us above and beyond the figures from our previous campaigns. For this reason, and for the third consecutive year, we decided to take a whole new approach to the short film’s digital plan. This time we wanted to generate content while filming was still going on, so we could get users more involved in the adventure.

A well-organised media strategy to ensure the success of an international short film


With the experience we had gained from the Vale campaign in 2015 and also The Little Things in 2016, it seemed like everything was going to be easier with La Vida Nuestra. But we still had to go the extra mile to implement exciting elements that would add a fresh and unique spin to our new strategy.

As soon as Estrella Damm let us in on the concept for the script (“You know what the only thing you can do when the anchor’s stuck is? Cut the rope.”), at Zoom we started working on the division of phases, proposing types of strategic content to go with each stage, while also designing the production plan and setting up a calendar for the entire campaign.

We started with a preliminary phase, a perfect opportunity to build expectations while still innovating. Right after it was published in La Vanguardia that the famous Game of Thrones actor, Peter Dinklage, was going to star in the short film and Estrella Damm confirmed the news, we released a picture of the actor on social media. This was followed by the rest of the cast, made up of three surprise stars: Álvaro Cervantes, Ingrid García Jonsson and Marcel Borràs, all of them in the capable hands of director Raúl Arévalo.

This was the perfect time to get followers involved with the filming process. To do this, we prepared two key innovative pieces of content that stood out from what we had done in previous years. First we filmed a who’s who style interview with the cast where we asked five quick questions so everyone could get to know them better. The result was a fast-paced light-hearted video that conveyed an authentic Mediterranean spirit. Then we posted a 360º image that gave users a panoramic view of one of La Vida Nuestra’s most significant scenes from inside the set. So what was happening on Instagram? Well, we couldn’t leave out the stories, as they are the perfect format for sharing behind the scenes content from the filming.

Now everything was ready for the second stage: the launch of the trailer and the countdown to the premiere. First we published the poster for the film on all social networks, including the Instagram profiles of the cast. Then came the launch of the trailer on YouTube and the brand’s website, accompanied by the respective posts from the cast on social media and Twitter.

And so the longed-awaited premiere arrived and, just like the Oscars, it was streamed live from Antiga Fàbrica with the whole cast, the director, a host of influencers and other people involved with the production. Our role was to broadcast it live through Instagram Stories, monitor the event, and also broadcast it live through Facebook and Twitter… in addition to managing the simultaneous national and international release of the short.

Regarding the pieces of the short film, we far exceeded our previous views with a total of 9 million on YouTube, 4 million on Facebook and a little over a million on Twitter. Another new feature of the La Vida Nuestra campaign was the addition of subtitles in over 20 languages, both on Facebook and YouTube, as the short film was released in 14 countries where the brand is present. That really says something about Zoom’s ability to create international digital campaigns with premier brands.

Last but not least, was the Making Of phase, which was crucial for attracting views and reaching those people who had not yet seen the film. For this we opted for more fun and casual material, like a series of GIFs created from scenes in the film, along with the video for the soundtrack and the Making Of itself.

The biggest challenge was topping our previous achievements and generating attractive content from the film set


Once again, the two months of the Estrella Damm campaign were a great success. With the content we posted we managed to increase the number of people reached versus the 2016 campaign, as well as the overall views of all the content (+40%). According to the figures, our reach on Facebook extended to 24 million people.

The analytics work that was done during the three months of the campaign also deserves a mention. Every day, the analytics team updated a dashboard that contained multiple KPIs and allowed us to get an almost real-time overview of the performance of all the posted content. This meant that decisions could be made at any point based on real data, which greatly optimised every aspect of the campaign.

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