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Estrella Damm

We went beyond the hashtag #mediterráneamente: transforming Estrella Damm’s Instagram account and making it the ambassador for the Mediterranean lifestyle worldwide.


If there is a brand that has worked best with storytelling and made the imagery that surrounds the Mediterranean Sea its own, then it is Estrella Damm. Mediterráneamente went from being a claim from a beer campaign in 2009 to the representation of everything that reminds us of the Mediterranean lifestyle; a hashtag that today has more than 140,000 photos on Instagram (both the Spanish and Catalan versions), and has become a part of the daily lives of users, crossing Estrella Damm’s own brand barriers.

Instagram has grown up. It’s been a long time since the days when it was just Facebook’s little brother, the one with the pictures. That’s why brands are increasingly creating strategies for this platform. Copying the same content that gets posted on Facebook and Twitter is not enough anymore. Estrella Damm needed its own Instagram account. It had to be important, with personality and undeniably representative of the #mediterráneamente concept. We had a clear vision: we needed to turn Estrella Damm’s account into a guide to the Mediterranean’s best places, a profile on which we could display high quality pictures of the places, people and lifestyle that is so characteristic of this part of the world. In other words: “discover the Mediterranean’s most unique places and experience them #mediterráneamente.”

Copying the content posted on Facebook and Twitter didn't work anymore. The brand needed a special and unique strategy for Instagram.


The first step was to define three key points: what kind of pictures will we use, where they will be taken and who will be taking them. We marked places in the Mediterranean on a map and then created a plan for photo shoots where we would collaborate with professional photographers such as Salva López, Coke Bartrina and Yosigo. Shoots that would use both familiar settings, to connect with users, and hidden locations to inspire them.

The core idea for all the pictures revolved around landscapes and cities along the Mediterranean coast, where people live and represent the Mediterranean lifestyle. Swimming in a cove in Menorca, drinking an Estrella on a terrace in Almeria during winter, a sunny morning in Valencia, a walk along the beach in the Costa Brava on any day of the year…

We marked the Mediterranean locations on a map and then we created a plan for the photo sessions which we would shoot with the collaboration of renowned photographers like Salva López, Coke Bartrina and Yosigo.

The strategy for Instagram changed in 4 key ways:

Photographs of Mediterranean places
Daily publication
Geolocation of photos
No text, only hashtags

The last two points were a move towards another of Estrella Damm’s requirements: turning the old Catalan account @estrelladammcat into an international account, like @estrelladamm. Within this commercial strategy for international expansion, the new global Instagram account is for all users who want to interact with the brand no matter where they may be. By not using text or copies we avoid discrimination through language, and with geolocation for each image we provide exact location information, so users can find each place even if they don’t know it by name.

By not using text or copies we avoid discrimination through language, and with geolocation for each image we provide exact location information, thus turning the old Catalan account into an international one.


Three months after adopting this new strategy, the @estrelladamm Instagram account grew its followers by 18%. The likes per photo rose 49% and total likes also grew by 84% per month. Comments per photo rose by 39% compared to previous months.

Aesthetically and visually, the account underwent a radical change. The “Mediterranean places” concept gave the account uniformity and narrative coherence, and users responded positively to it with a significant increase in interaction.

In short, we took a commercial, generic and uninspiring Instagram account, and turned it into a flagship for the Mediterranean lifestyle. The results, of course, were positive. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time on the Mediterranean coast?