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Homo Invernus

Homo Invernus: A species that neither cold nor rain can halt.

When winter comes, the short days and freezing temperatures make many of us want to curl up on the sofa instead of going out to play sports. But what about those who do? Are they a cut above the rest? Or maybe a different species?
With this insight we developed the idea of Homo Invernus: a species that refuses to give up its sporting pursuits during this time of year. We used a documentary style to give the campaign coherence, and a visual code that allowed us to gradually discover the behaviours of a group who can generate the desire to do sports, regardless of the wind, rain and cold. Because it’s not that hard to join them: you just need to be brave enough to leave your den.


The Homo Invernus storytelling: first we used a video to introduce the concept, and then we launched interactive content aimed at the users who had watched the initial piece, thereby enabling us to optimise the results of the campaign. We generated 75,000 reactions and a 28% engagement rate with a total of 3,000,000 impressions. Moreover, thanks to the coherence of the content and the segmentation that we applied based on the custom audience from the first video, we achieved an average relevance score of 7 points on Facebook Ads.

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