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Spots Guide
Estrella Damm

This is how we turned Estrella Damm into the most engaging beer brand in the world

In 2017 we reached a milestone: transforming Estrella Damm into the beer brand with the world’s most Instagram interactions. The figures were undeniable: 141,640 total interactions and an average of 2,600 interactions per post. The question is: how did we do it? By searching for a concept that our audience would find appealing and useful, adjusting the strategy to the platform, making the account international, working with top photographers and, in short, thinking big from the outset.



The Spots Guide has proven to be a huge success. In 2017 alone, it achieved over 1,300,000 organic interactions, close to 1,800,000 organic impressions on Instagram stories and more than 18,000 mentions of the hashtag. This has transformed Estrella Damm into the world leading beer brand for audience connection on Instagram.

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