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“The right content to the right people” is the premise we followed when PepsiCo gave us the opportunity to work with 7UP’s social media


They say that the best way to be original is to be yourself, and that is precisely the core of the 7UP beverage’s brand identity. The “originality” concept allows for a type of communication that lets us play, come up with ideas and be totally creative when proposing content lines. But it can also lead to strategies that fall into copying, lack direction and focus, set ambiguous targets and, ultimately, “spray bullets in every direction”. This can become amplified in the context of social media, where the lack of a clear objective can lead to creating for creating’s sake. But all this content has to ultimately pass the “like” test, and the engagement verdict can be catastrophic.

Luckily, we are aware of this, and although we haven’t inked “the right content to the right people” on our skin (yet), it is certainly the premise we followed when the digital team from PepsiCo and 7UP gave us the opportunity to run the brand’s social media. As a beverage that was launched way back in 1929, its history of communication is practically an encyclopaedia, and as an international product it provided us with plenty of references for the brand from every corner of the world. We soaked up all this lemon-lime-flavoured research, and were particularly struck by a single concept: “Freelosophy”.

The brand had used social media to share content related to 7UP Free, the sugar-free alternative, and as lovers of wordplay we were totally into it. But we thought that such a fresh and powerful concept needed a twist to squeeze all the juice out of it. So after a few rounds of 7UP Free while we threw around the “What does “Freelosophy” mean to you?” question, we came to the following conclusion:

Freelosophy is to look at what everyone else is looking at, but see what nobody else sees. It is the seed of originality and authenticity, a naturally bright spark, an idea that is so simple and so great that when other mere mortals see it they can’t help but let out an involuntary “oooh!” of surprise and admiration.

Like something as surprising as finding out that 7UP Free contains “zero” sugar and still retains all its flavour? Bingo.

Freelosophy is to look at what everyone else is looking at, but see what nobody else sees.


As always, theory is one thing and practice another. So, once we had defined the Freelosophy concept, we had to turn it into tangible content for social media that would appeal to the community while also conveying its values of simple genius. Moreover, 7UP shares its identity of originality with a host of related territories: from photography to crafting, to gastronomy and interior design; and the concept of Freelosophy needed to soak through all of them. Lastly, Freelosophy had to become a constant line of content. We didn’t want this to be a one-time campaign, we wanted to put users on a regular dose of Freelosophy pills; snack sized content that would allow this new philosophy to slowly leave a mark on the 7UP community.

We found the solution with this mix of ingredients: originality + a new perspective + social media + 7UP Free + continuity + brand territories + visual attractiveness + snackable = galleries with a little genius from everyday life.

Did you know that you can make melted cheese on toast just by tilting the toaster? Or that making ice cubes from 7UP Free and lemon and lime slices optimises the flavour of the drink (and also makes super cool ice cubes)? Make a note of this for Christmas: keep the bottle tops, cover the surface of a ball with them and glue them on, you’ll have the most original tree ever. If you’re into photography, cut out a template with a design in the middle and put it over the lens to create a bokeh that will make every iger jealous. 

It not magic – it’s Freelosophy.

The gallery format proves once again that it works perfectly on Facebook


After 6 months of sharing Freelosophies with users, we can now say that this is the queen of the 7UP Facebook content. On average, Freelosophy photo galleries on Facebook have 50% more reach than the next best content line, and they only make up 23% of the total content published. The gallery format has once again proved that it works perfectly on Facebook, providing an organic reach that is 180% higher than individual photos. With regard to interactions, it is the second most effective content line, only surpassed by posts related to events as important as the festivities in Andalucía.

On Twitter, Freelosophy is the line with most interaction, achieving 51% of the total engagements on this platform. When you consider that it isn’t the line that generates the most impacts, this gives it an average engagement rate of 24%.

Again, this isn’t magic, it’s Freelosophy. It’s giving users relevant, original and quality content without bombarding them with posts. Less is more, my friend.

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