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Doctor Ruka
Troll psychologist

We needed a hero to straighten out the haters and turn them back into upstanding internet users


As a digital creative agency, we wanted to launch our own campaign that would show off our more relaxed, free and fun side. We wanted to run wild. We wanted to have a good time.

With Internet Day (17 May) approaching it was the perfect excuse to sit down for some straight talking about what we would like to do. Long story short: we quickly came up with the idea of a psychologist for trolls.

Community Managers are the foundation of every digital agency that specialises in social media, but we tend to forget about them. Their job involves huge responsibility and, if that wasn’t enough, they have hundreds and thousands of enemies who are always keeping watch: namely, trolls. These enemies won’t hesitate for a second before harassing, insulting and setting traps for influencers and brands just for the sheer pleasure of seeing them fail.

Which is why we need a hero to straighten out these haters and turn them back into upstanding internet users. This hero has a name: Dr Ruka.

Dr Ruka is a psychologist who claims to rehabilitate trolls through the power of love


Dr Ruka (whose name comes from the now legendary trolling of @alcampo that became infamous in the CM world) is supposedly an Argentinian psychologist who claims to rehabilitate trolls using the power of love.

However, deep down, Dr Ruka is nothing but a fraud. Yet another tired loser trying to profit from the wonders of the internet with an outdated site, tacky video ads and old-fashioned strategies. But in spite of all that, he’s still a likeable fraud. Hero or troll? We’ll leave that up to everyone to decide …

We filmed three video pieces and kept the script writing and creative direction in-house. For the production and editing we worked with Edgar Lledó, and David Pareja to joined us to star as Dr Ruka. With the videos as the foundation, we built a site with a deeply personal style along with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. And just like that, we brought the doctor to life.

For Internet Day 2017, the call to action was clear: mention @doctorruka on social media and he will come to your aid.

Twitter was the ideal place for Dr Ruka’s profile. We received a warm welcome from many influential accounts on this social network. We had retweets and interactions with highly popular accounts like @norcoreano, @laquintacolumna and @mikelnhao, comedians like Raúl Cimas and Joaquín Reyes (@enjutomojamuto) and brands as big as @HawkersCO (who went as far as linking the RT to a video for a sunglasses giveaway), @telepizza_es, @PlayStationES, @Infojobs, @DominosPizza_ES and @Oscarmayerspain, among others.

In addition to this, media outlets like Yorokobu, La Publicidad, Visto en Redes and la Criatura Creativa also reported on the action.

Twitter was the best place for Dr Ruka's profile. We received a warm welcome from many influential accounts on this social network


The results from the first day (Internet Day) were strong. A total of 388,186 impressions, 15,679 of which occurred on the first day, with 21 interactions per minute for the first 12 hours. In terms of views, on the first day there were a total of 71,635, which during the first 12 hours translated to 99 views per minute.

The feeling around the campaign was also very positive, with almost all the comments praising or playing along with the character, whose strong personality was a perfect fit for the internet ecosystem.

But now Internet Day has come and gone, and a question still remains: what will become of Dr Ruka? As of right now, he is continuing the fight on Twitter, interacting with various brands and profiles. And he will carry on for as long as he is needed. Because if the internet wants Ruka … Zoom will give it Ruka.


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