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Mountain Dew

We managed to capitalise on an internet sensation to our brand's advantage.


When working with a young target audience, it is essential to keep an eye out for new internet sensations. Some reach worldwide prominence, but they usually don’t last long, so being there in time to capitalise on them is key. Which is exactly what we did with “bottle flipping”, a trend based on a very simple premise: flipping a bottle in the air and making it stand upright.

Some videos that included product placement reached thousands and thousands of views


Thanks to our close relationship with the skateboarding world we were able to identify this trend at just the right time. One of our collaborators told us that young guys, especially those who were closely involved with skateboarding, were spending hours doing bottle flipping. So it became very clear to us: we had to capitalise on this sensation with Mountain Dew.

This is how #DewTheFlip came to be, a social initiative that brought the bottle-flipping trend into the brand’s territory.

Sharing a video on Instagram of a Mountain Dew bottle being flipped in the air and landing upright was all we asked. As a reward, winners would receive a 12-bottle pack, a T- shirt and a skateboard. The goal of this action was to gather quality user-generated content with a strong brand presence, and also to engage with the target audience using something approachable and fresh. Did we achieve this? Yes. But we also went one step further: we managed to get followers to share original, surprising and fun pieces.

We were able to identify this trend at the right time thanks to our close relationship with the skateboarding world


The results came very quickly: in the first month our followers increased by 529, 230 of whom followed us within the first week.

In total, almost 200 users took part by uploading their videos with the hashtag #DewTheFlip, and all of them fell within the brand’s intended target audience. Moreover, and more importantly, we aroused the interest of profiles with a lot of followers, which means that some of the videos (which featured the product) reached thousands and thousands of views.

One of them reached over 37,000 views, the cost of which would have been very high if an influence marketing approach had been employed… but we achieved this result without any investment. In short, we were on the right platform at the right time, which brought us great results with barely any resources being invested. A massive success!

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