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Correr no es solo correr

Álvaro falls in love during his first race, but he won’t be able to find her again without the help of social media users

This is how the social action #corrernoessolocorrer (#runningisntjustrunning) began. A campaign in which we communicated a lot of news to all the running lovers out there, and whose flagship product was the Ekiden Active trainers.


The vehicle that we used to communicate the product was a story of love at first sight between Álvaro and Raquel. He is the typical amateur runner participating in his first race, and she is an experienced veteran. During the race, they accidentally bump into each other and the arrow of love strikes. They don’t finish the race together, but Álvaro gathers enough clues to help him see Raquel again. To do this, he will need to train hard and solve a set of mysteries with the indispensable help of Decathlon’s followers on social media.

We engaged with users by involving them in the resolution of the story.

We accompanied this action with a television spot that portrayed an emotional story that would only reach its conclusion with the participation of the digital world. This generated a direct connection with the brand, while identity related to the “greatest sport in the world”.


This action was developed entirely on the social site, where we placed several clues and their solutions as users participated. At the same time, we also released a lot of content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, channels that helped us to achieve maximum exposure.


The final results doubled the initial goals. Content related to the campaign achieved nearly 800,000 views on YouTube, and reached more than 25,300 users on other social media platforms. We turned viewers into protagonists with the #corrernoessolocorrer campaign.

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