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Heyrace App

you can compete in running, trail running, mountain biking or triathlon

One day, during lunchtime at Zoom, we started to imagine an app that would allow you to discover sports races to compete in. Heyrace is an internal project, a challenge where we set out to develop the concept, prototypes and design for a mobile application that did not exist at that time.


Heyrace searches competitions based on your favourite sport or sports and/or distance, it allows you to search using a list or map mode and save your favourite races

Each race has its own tab which includes its profile, routes, price and the weather forecast for the day it takes place. Furthermore, you can register directly from the app. The calendar mode allows you to save the competitions that you have marked as favourites or the ones you have registered for, so you can organise your competition season. Have you ever missed out on a race because you didn’t hear about it? Depending on your preferences, you can receive notifications so you can keep yourself updated with all the details.


Heyrace has been featured prominently on several world-renowned design websites, and we currently have over 2,300 download requests. All the hard work has paid off and, who knows, maybe some day the project will be released.