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El regalo más grande del mundo Decathlon

We made the Christmas wishes of a small town come true by putting into practice the brand promise: make sport accessible to more people

At the end of 2015, we were given the opportunity to create a social action that ran alongside and complemented the Decathlon Christmas campaign. We received a brief that highlighted two objectives: (1) promote awareness of the campaign and (2) use a story to move the viewers. Based on this premise and with a limited budget, we came up with a concept that responded to these communication needs while realising the promise of the brand: make sport accessible to more people.

So the #ElRegaloMásGrandeDelMundo (the biggest gift in the world) action took the shape of a proposal that focused on making the Christmas wishes of sports enthusiasts come true. To realise this idea, we told the story of Calatañazor, a village in Soria that was once full of life, but isn’t home to many young people anymore so now the streets are deserted and devoid of movement. For this reason we decided to go there and organise a full day of sport to bring some life back into the village.


We took the Decathlon team with us and experienced a lot of special moments with the people that live close to the village. Over a single weekend, we scored goals, got baskets, played volleyball, scored points in badminton, hit the bullseye with the bow, stretched in fitness class, and hiked in the mountain at dusk. And on top of all that, we shared stories, made new friends, laughed and, most importantly, restored the essence of the town.

After a vibrant day in which we filled the village with life, using all kinds of sports equipment, multiple instructors and a lot of illusion, we returned home but we made sure that sport stayed there. We went back but the sport remained.

After a vibrant day in which we filled the village with life, we returned home but the sport remained

We recorded all the action and created content that was launched in different stages, achieving the objective of raising awareness of the campaign. We started with a teaser to create expectation, introducing the initial problem: a village with barely any life. A few days later, we launched three related stories that were targeted at different audiences and featured different villagers describing their experiences. These little stories generated more anticipation for the big story. We put a link at the end of each of them that redirected the viewer to a microsite built specifically for the action.


On this microsite, we developed the whole story, explaining all the action and inviting the viewer to participate in a contest where users could share a wish that they would like us to fulfil.

Alongside all of these actions, we posted a variety of content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, which were the channels used to achieve maximum dissemination.



The final results accomplished the initial objectives with flying colours. Content related to the campaign reached almost 6 million people and generated 53,254 interactions on Facebook and 39,660 on Twitter.

In addition, we got a very positive reaction as the social network community spread the story; we reached 1,000 mentions for the hashtag #ElRegaloMásGrandeDelMundo, and achieved an impact greater than 21 million impressions.

Not only did we fulfil the brief, but we also managed to touch people’s hearts and leave a mark on their minds. A mark that is a message: “Decathlon cares about taking sport everywhere.